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What you should know :

If the composer of the requested music has passed away before 1950, there
is no problem at all. His entire works may be used and arranged in every respect.

If, however, it concerns jounger composers, the works are protected by the Swiss copyright
authority SUISA. To get the rights of arrangement for those works would be very difficult, if
at all possible...  Therefore, it is requested that you sign a confirmation that you will not pass on
my arrangement to a third party  -be it in written form or any kind of recordings-  even without
commercial intentions. These unique specimens are exclusively made for you and are to be used
and performed only by you and your ensemble. Additionally, once they are performed in public,
they are subject to obligatory registration  -controlled by SUISA-  as all works for sale are.
 ( Excluded are private performances such as birthday parties, anniversaries, weddings etc.)

*  These copyright rules are valid in Switzerland - but they will hardly differ from those of
other countries. Also, I want to reserve the right to use my arrangements, transcriptions
or orchestrations for my own duties.

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