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transcription - orchestration -
custom-made musical arrangement
Perhaps you have always been waiting for...    s                 
...the 'Weddingmarch' by Mendelssohn arranged for piccolo, 3 French horns, dulcimer and contrabassoon ?
...'Silent Night' for big and small f-recorder, flugelhorn, cello, 5 crystal glasses and tambourin ?
...or maybe 'Strangers In The Night' for beer bottle orchestra, all-male choir and Jew's harp ?

Or perhaps you need a very special music for an entirely normal string quartet ?
...or a version for symphony orchestra of a jazz standard ?
...or a fugue by Bach for your school ensemble ?

...in this case I am just the man you are looking for !

You choose the music, determine the instruments you want and the level of their parts, and I
do the rest for you - you get a musical arrangement made-to-measure in professional quality.
- Prices and delivery date by agreement -

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